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Virtual bookkeeping can be an alien term for some businesses, especially for traditional companies, which might make them steer clear of such services. However, learning about this digital process will enlighten business owners of the many benefits it bring.


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Let Bookkeeping Redwood City answer the questions in your mind and help you understand what virtual bookkeeping is all about.

Frequently Asked


What is virtual bookkeeping and what other services does Bookkeeping Redwood City offer? How are these services different from the ones we are accustomed to?

Virtual bookkeeping is your usual bookkeeping service done through a digital process, with the use of technology and the internet. You can outsource your accountants and bookkeepers from us and do away with having an in-house one within your company. You won’t need any face to face interaction with your team but can communicate with them through digital ways. 

Redwood City Bookkeeping can take care of your accounting, tax preparation, financial planning and payroll bookkeeping. And we cater to different businesses, no matter the size, location and industry you are in. 


Are my data and confidential information safe in this process?

Yes, we make sure that no one gets access to your information and our bookkeepers are trained to strictly protect your data. We make use of the latest and the best security tools to ensure this. Many businesses have been enjoying the benefits of virtual bookkeeping for years, and this does not come at the expense of your security.


Are the results complete and accurate?

We ensure that you get only the best results. With our professional virtual bookkeepers, who are highly skilled and properly trained, you can expect that your books are complete and accurate every time. You can make sure of this by checking the work done on QuickBooks and the Audit logs, where you can see watch over your virtual bookkeeper during working hours and find out how much work has been done daily.


How does this process work?

Technology allows our virtual bookkeeping service to work effectively and efficiently. There are many apps and software that allow virtual bookkeepers to process small business online accounting services and document and organize your financial data. Some of these tools are QuickBooks Online and Xero. All you need to do is send all the information needed or your virtual bookkeeper can search for these online and he will take care of all the work. The results will be sent to you at the schedule you have chosen.


Will this work for my small business?

Virtual bookkeeping is for any kind of business, literally. Small or big companies, different business industries, near or far locations, name it we can offer you our services. But we can say that bookkeeping help for small business is definitely right up our alley. And this kind of service will be to your advantage. Some of its benefits include being cost-effective, time saving and efficient in reaching goals.


How much do virtual bookkeepers charge for their services?

We offer some of the most affordable online bookkeeping services for small business and big companies, alike. Bookkeeping Redwood City packages start at $300 and increase with every additional service you acquire. We also services for specific tasks with hourly rates depending on the type of work you want done.

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